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Alumni College Twirling Scholarship-webs
Alumni College Twirling Scholarship-webs
Alumni College Twirling Scholarship-webs

2023 APPLICATIONS are available. - DEADLINE SOON!


For information and application for Alumni Scholarships, please send a message to Rockola Twirlers using the Contact Form on this website, or send an email to


2019 Rockola Twirlers Loyalty Scholarship Winner

Amanda Rose

The recipient of the first-ever Rockola Twirlers Loyalty scholarship is Amanda Rose who joined Rockola and started twirling when she was 6 years old.  Her solo dancetwirl debut was to Katy Perry's song "ROAR".  If you know Amanda, you will understand her song choice.  Even at this early age, she chose a song whose lyrics focus on standing up for oneself and self-empowerment.


Amanda has been twirling with Rockola Twirlers for over 11 years and has been a junior teacher volunteer for 3 years.  

She has also become one of the few Rockola Twirlers to continue on to twirl for her high school and the first one to twirl for Mentor High School while still representing Rockola Twirlers.

She will continue her education at the Cleveland Institute of Art to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts.

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