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Baton Twirling with an Oldies Theme

Rockola is a popular fifties-style jukebox and the inspiration behind the '50s  theme that the group has embodied since its start. Both the uniforms the twirlers wear and the music they twirl to reflect the era and the twirlers march in parades to nostalgic rhythms coming from a 1948 panel truck.

Twist and Shout - Eisley Brothers



Great Lakes Mall Kid Show: March 23rd, performance @ 12:30pm                                                                       (report time 12pm)

TU Contest Performance: April 27th, Geneva High School (8am - 1pm)

Spring Recital: May 7th, Mentor Christian School (8600 Lakeshore, Mentor)                                                                 Performance @ 6:45 pm (report time 6:20pm)

4th of July Parade: July 4th, Mentor Headlands (more info later!)                                                                 Stepoff @ 12:00 pm (report time 11:30am)

Cityfest Parade: Aug 17th, Shore Middle School                                                                                              Stepoff @ 10:00 pm (report time 9:30am)


We march in parades throughout Lake County wearing our poodle skirts and twirling to TWIST AND SHOUT by the Eisley Brothers.

Great Lakes Mall Kids Show

Every year all of our teams and soloists perform on stage at

Great Lakes Mall during the annual Kids Show.

Come see us!!


All twirlers are able to join performance teams with their new-found friends.  These small teams perform their routines at local events and recitals.


At Mentor Cityfest in August, we run a duck pond in the community games area.  Prizes for everyone!

 Twirling For All Ages


As soon as you can walk you can join the fun!

Our members are as young as 4 years old.  We also have had flag, guard, and majorette high school twirlers at Mentor, Euclid, Willoughby South, and Kirtland High School.

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